Friday, November 10, 2023

Annual post on 11-11 at 11:11(2023)

11-11-23, After 1 year

Am trying to write posts in this kgQuantum blog in regular cadence. But that cadence become annual one 😊  

Let me try to post in monthly cadence.


When I review my Quantum Computing journey, I feel that am on right track. I learned many concepts, but have to learn more. I achieved few successes, yet I want to achieve more. 


Here are the topics I learned between 11-11-2022 to 11-11-2023 

  • Quantum Convolution Neural Network 
  • Quantum Long Short Term Memory 
  • Quantum Transfer Learning 
  • Quantum Federated Learning 
  • Quantum Physics 
  • Partial Differential Equations 
  • Structural Analysis 
  • Started practicing for Ambidextrous skill 


Here are the sessions by me at various institutions 


  1. Feb-2023 – Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru : Delivered a session on Quantum Transfer Learning as part of their Faculty Development Program on “Quantum Computing , Tools and Applications”. 
  2. 14-Mar-2023 to 18-Mar-2023 – Mondovi Navy College, Goa : Conducted Quantum Computing classes for Indian Navy Officials  
  3. 14-Apr-2023 – MyQuantum Technology Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru : Started bi-weekly sessions on various topics on quantum Computing for community members. 
  4. 13-Jul-2023 – SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai : Conducted Hands-on workshop on Quantum Machine Learning using Amazon Braket. 
  5. 15-July-2023, MyQT : Conducted session "Physics for Quantum Computing” 
  6. 28-Jul-2023 – KPRIET, Coimbatore : Conducted Seminar on Application of Python Packages- Numpy and Pandas”. 
  7. 4-Sep-2023, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore : Delivered a session on “Introduction to Quantum Computing” as part of IEEE Seminar. 
  8. 7-Sep-2023, Prathyusha Engg College, Chennai : Inaugurated Drone Club as chief guest and conducted session on “Introduction to Quantum Computing” 
  9. 9-Sep-2023, MyQT : Conducted session on "Introduction to Amazon Braket 
  10. 29-Sep-2023, VIT, Chennai : Conducted session on Quantum Machine Learning. 
  11. 6-Oct-2023, Velammal College, Chennai : Conducted 3 days works on “Data Visualization using Power BI" 
  12. 7-Oct-2023, MyQT : Conducted session on "Career in Quantum Computing”  
  13. 10-Oct-2023, Unimind, Pune : Conducted online session on “Quantum Machine Learning” 
  14. 30-Oct-2023 to 31-Oct-2023, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore : Conducted hands-on workshop on Quantum Machine Learning using Qiskit 
  15. 7-Nov-2023, RV College of Engineering, Bengalur : Conducted one day hands-on workshop using Amazon Braket for the topic “Quantum Computing A next generation solution for Healthcare”. 


It was satisfying to see the achievements of my mentees. For privacy reason am not sharing the details of my mentees. 

  • One of mentee joined Post-Graduate studies on Quantum Technology in US 
  • One of mentee joined Post-Graduate studies on Quantum Technology in UK 
  • One of my mentee got award from Pondicherry Government and internship in Quantum computing career 
  • One of my mentee got internship in Quantum Machine Learning 
  • Two mentees joined my 6 months training program on Quantum Computing in association with MyQuantum Technology Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru 
  • I supported community members from Quantum Computing India by answering their questions 
  • I supported community members from MyQuantum Technology Pvt Ltd by conducting various sessions, answering their questions, helping them to network with fellow learners 
  • I supported three academicians on their paper publication on Quantum Machine Learning